Welcome to SR Graphics Ltd. We will transform your video clasps and individual accounts into full stage Hi-quality movies, rapidly and easily through our video altering administration. You need to send the video to us, and our expert video supervisor will take care of it here. We develop, sort out, fix, include impacts, inscription, mood melodies, and whatever else you like. We will deal with all the works for you. A few people to get some information about their most recent outing, some need to make an anecdote about their youngster’s birthday, and somebody needs promotion about their business, you disclose to us which story you need to see. In 3 to 5 business days, you can have your video see capable on your PC.

Our Video Editing Services

Green Screen Videos Background Replacement

To evacuate film foundation, screen substitution, including VFX, movement following, correct corporate introduction recordings, and so on, green foundations are utilized, and later, the video editors or VFX authorities expel the green screens and control it. Adobe Premiere genius, After Effect, and so forth are being used to work with green screen.

Including Cool Transition Effects

Progress is required while changing film scenes. Various sorts of changes are applied as venture requests. Including crisp or delicate change impacts will build the style of videography, and it alleviates watchers’ eyes. We use changes into motion picture cuts, item exclusive recordings, introduction and outro video, and so forth.

Video Color Correction

Shading evaluation, video shading adjustment, shading upgrade to improve the video quality. Our video altering group alters video using Adobe Premiere star and Final Cut Pro. The motivation behind video shading rectification is to fix dark shedding, featuring, mid-tone, shading balance, tint, over or under presentation, and so forth.

Including Cool Transition Effects

Progress is required while changing film scenes. Various kinds of changes are applied as venture requests. Including refreshing or delicate change impacts will expand the feel of videography, and it alleviates watchers’ eyes. We utilize advances into motion picture cuts, item limited time recordings, introduction and outro video, and so forth.

Cut And Stitch Footage

We evacuate futile pieces of your video clasps and line various recordings to make one full film. Little video modifying, changes, including impacts, shading evaluating, including slow-mo and timelapse, foundation circle, and so on, are applied to get appealing and drawing in recordings. We give a wide range of video altering and modifying administrations.

Evacuate Object And People

During video shooting, numerous undesirable articles or individuals may have inside the casing, and they may decrease video quality. As a piece of video altering, we expel these articles and individuals and pleasantly occupy that bright space to accomplish reality. We utilize the most recent advancements to give 100% expert quality video altering administrations.

Include Title Animation

Title movement in a video is a significant part and generally taken altering administration. We give realistic title movement administration to item introduction recordings, promoting recordings, wedding video clasps, and the sky is the limit from there. Our video altering specialists utilize Premier Pro and After Effect for including movements, audio effects, lightings, and so on in video title.

Include Effect Videos

Different kinds of impacts like haze and hone, slope incline, clamor and grain, dark and white, sparkles, zooming, optical flares, reflection, and so on are applied for making unique appeal into the recordings. We include top of the line VFX in the tapes. We have encountered a video altering group and the most recent apparatuses for making these impacts.


It is a method of expelling a video foundation that assists with following the foundation appropriately and gives the illustrators a bit of leeway to pull back background expertly with the assistance of most recent movement devices. Be that as it may, we give rotoscoping video altering administration by the accomplished video altering group.

Include Subtitle

The caption in the video is a necessary part. It builds the acknowledgment of that specific video to all. Caption enables the individuals to don’t comprehend the speaker’s assertion by tuning in. It is an advanced pattern to include video caption in the lower part. Instructing recordings, motion picture cuts, corporate introduction cuts, and so forth usually take video caption, and we offer this administration.

Sound Correction (Noise Reduction)

Sound is an integral part of the video. Without a piece of music, would you be able to value a video? In any case, once in a while, the sound gets different commotions that ruin the nature of audio and recordings. Commotion demolishes the motivation behind including music in a video. We have been giving sound rectification or clamor decrease administration expertly utilizing the most recent advances.

Sound Mixing

We give sound blending administration during video altering. Our specialists mix at least two sound, including music, standardize or boost sound sounds, keep up sound proportion and recurrence, expel dubious sounds, and make a pure sound. For sound blending, we use most original music blending apparatuses for the best yield.

Sound Sync With Video

Some of the time, the motion picture creators shoot video without sound, and later, they include sound delivered from various studios for better stable quality. At that point, our video editors synchronize music with speakers’ lips appropriately. To do that, we use Adobe Audition. Now and then, we use AfterEffect for including additional impacts.

Include Lower Third, Intro/Outro

Including the lower third in a video is utilized to include more data, connection, and source of inspiration. Video introduction and outro are being used for expanding the feel of the video. It likewise draws the consideration of the watchers. We have been offering world-class lower third, intro, and outro making and including under video altering administrations. Thus, attempt us for it.

Include Music In The Video

Music assumes an essential job in the video, particularly in motion picture cuts, music recordings, instructive recordings, liveliness film, and so forth. For an immaculate blend of sound and music in the records, we can support you. Our specialists will gather film clasps and music, and they deal with it to accomplish extreme flawlessness for a noteworthy video. Along these lines, attempt us.